Do I need to have a strong understanding of my families
past before I start a project?
A.        No, it is our job to find this out. What we would like is for you
to supply us with some information to get us started. We will provide
you with the questions to prompt you to supply further information.

Q.        Will you be able to send me a presentation folder of  the
project so I can keep it as a family heirloom?
A.          Yes, we can supply you with a folder so you can treasure it
for many years to come.

Q.        If I wanted to visit Ireland to get in contact with living
relatives, can this be arranged?
A.        Yes, with the relatives consent we can send you their details
and we can also arranged the trip for you.

Q.        A work colleague of mine found out that he was the true heir
and land owner of a farm in Ireland, can you do checks on land
ownership if requested?
A.        Yes, checks can be made at the Land Registry if the details
supplied to us are enough to perform a check.

Can I purchase gifts with my family name on it to give to
other relatives as presents?
A.        Yes, there is a huge range of items that can be purchased
from us. If you have anything in mind please contact us.

             The Harp
The harp has been associated with
Ireland as long ago as the 12th century. It
is now our national symbol.
Fairy Ring in the West of Ireland
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